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waldemar reyes is a puerto rican singer-songwriter, producer, and session player. in addition, he works as a guitar player for various artists, and has successfully completed tours with well-known artists, including latin grammy award winners: ricardo arjona and dräco rosa.


lately, he has been focusing on his work as a music producer. waldemar has been discovering and developing young artists, and producing various projects, like: cosme; otro foráneo; canciones, raíces y alas; among others.


as a session guitar player, he has collaborated with known artists like, (latin grammy winner) gaby moreno; and, musicians like euro zambrano (stevie wonder), oskar cartaya (jlo), and josé david pérez (circo, turista). in addition, he has credits in music for films and soundtracks, collaborating with composers like rené boscio (super girl, the flash, blindspot) and, cesar dávila-irrizarry (american horror story, hell's kitchen). 

on the other hand, in his work as a singer-songwriter, his influences range from latin to indie-folk music. recently, his sound has taken a more acoustic approach, focusing primarily on the nylon guitar and the voice.

he has released four solo projects to-date: "movimiento" (2016), respiro (2013), “la ciudad se esconde” (2011), “de luces y colores” (2009).

and, currently, he's in the production stages of a new record, to be released in 2023.


on stage, he has performed in great venues including the madison square garden, the nokia theater, and the american airline arena, and has shared the stage with accomplished musicians like peter thorn (melissa etheridge, chris cornell), john button (the who, shakira), toss panos (michael landau, robben ford), rusty anderson (paul mccartney), and gaby moreno (latin grammy award winner). he has also appeared in well-known tv and radio shows like the “latin grammy,” “the tonight show with jay leno,” “bbc radio,” “despierta américa,” “mtv brazil,” and “mtv asia.”

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